Our Quality

The Best Materials Available on the Market

Staying true to the essentials of Scandinavian design philosophy, here at Bespoek we take great care to use only materials of the highest quality. Our wooden designs rely on wood gathered from designated areas, ensuring that the final product has both unprecedented quality and that its production doesn’t have a negative impact on the sustainability of the world’s forests. All paints, polishes, and finishes used are not only of premium quality, but also eco-friendly and completely safe. When working with plastic materials, we closely follow each step of the production process to ensure optimal results. This philosophy is at the core of our products’ longevity.

Cutting-Edge Technology and State of the Art Approach

The blend of tradition and innovation is the fundamental idea upon which our company is built and this is perfectly exemplified in our available collections. By using cutting-edge technology, we aim to further reduce the production costs and open countless possibilities for our designers to express their creativity. The advances in the production process have not only sped up the production and made it more cost-effective while retaining the same quality, but also enabled us to achieve new heights of innovation. At the same time, the fusion of these technological advances with digital design tools has enabled our designers to develop a unique state of the art approach, placing them at the forefront of the new wave of Scandinavian design.

Quality Control Chain

With total customer satisfaction as our main goal, we try to take every precaution to ensure the high quality and flawless execution of our designs. From the rigorous process of selecting materials to the independent series of tests aimed at confirming the required qualities of these materials, coupled with digitalized surveys of the whole production process and final inspections of finished products, we leave nothing to chance. Every one of our products goes through a long chain of quality control before being shipped to its new owner.