Leather Guide

If you’re in doubt as to the type of upholstery you should choose for your designer furniture, or would simply like to just get more information so as to make an informed decision, then this is the guide for you.
You can read about the pros and cons of different types of leather, as well as about the tips on how to care for your designer furniture so it will last for as many years as possible.

Classic Leather

You can get furniture upholstered in semi-aniline leather. This type has an outer layer of colour and a surface finish, compared to what is called top-coated leather. The treatment of semi-aniline leather makes somewhat manageable to maintain.
Both inner treatment and the basic treatment closes the porous surface, while the outer treatment adds colour. This gives the leather a natural two-toned look. The surface of the leather is given a protective layer. Semi-aniline leather does provide a bit of comfort for sitting on and the uniform surface shows only a few markings from the leather’s natural folds.
This type of leather is very similar to the typical upholstery used in car seats.
Cleaning: If you are unlucky to spill something, wipe it off immediately and clean the surface with a leather cleaner or lukewarm soapy water (always use mild soap). Wipe the excess soap with clean water and avoid using oils, solvents or saddle soap to avoid damage and discolouration.
Pros: 100% leather which is comfortable to sit on and soft to the touch. Relatively resistant to fading and stains.

Premium Leather

Our premium leather is aniline leather type which differs from semi-aniline by having a more natural surface and more prominent texture. The best hides are selected and processed in a single tanning and dyeing process during which they are infused with transparent, environment-friendly and water-soluble dyes. Finally, the light coating makes the leather more resilient and provides a protective cover against dirt or dust.
Premium leather’s biggest advantage is that it “breathes” which is essential for even greater comfort, and the surface retains its natural look with the visible pores and scars of the original skin structure.
Cleaning: Aniline leather is very susceptible to liquid, so if you spill something, you need to wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth –  but avoid rubbing the liquid into the leather. Most stains naturally and gradually disappear over time. Do not attempt to clean premium leather with water. If necessary, you can alternatively clean it with a leather cleaner.
Pros: 100% leather which has an exclusive and comfortable feel.
Note: Many people see it is a stylish charm that their premium leather furniture gradually changes its appearance over the years and gets more character as it gracefully ages.