How can I place an order?

At Bespoek, buying online has never been easier! Simply add the product you wish to purchase to your cart using the website function and follow the on-site instructions. Once your order is received, you’ll be regularly notified about its status via e-mail.

Is it possible to place an order via phone?

At this moment, all the orders are placed via our website and currently, phone orders are not supported.

Do I have to create an account to be able to buy products?

You don’t need an account to purchase at Bespoek. On our website online shopping is simple, reliable and straight-forward!

Am I able to cancel the order?

Yes, during the 14-day period after your initial purchase, you can choose to withdraw your order and receive a full refund.

Is it possible to make a change in the info after I’ve ordered the product?

Yes, until your order is scheduled for shipment, you can easily change the info by contacting our customer support team.

When do I pay for my order?

Trust of our customers is what we value the most and as a part of this policy, we provide you with an opportunity to pay for your designs after the delivery, when you’re confident that your order arrived undamaged and is in line with your expectations.

What will happen after I’ve ordered my product?

Once we receive your order, we’ll send you a confirmation via e-mail you provided, and continue updating you about the current status of your order up until its delivery.

About the Products

What materials are used in the making of the chairs?

We produce our chairs in oak, walnut and beech. The beech version comes in several colours such as black, white and ash.

How can I clean the chairs?

Our chairs are pretty easy to clean and require very little or no maintenance at all. If you would like to freshen up the seats, you can always use cloth which is completely wrung out with the neutral and colourless soap. It’s not advisable to do this very often as it can wear the paper cord down. If, however, there was a spillage it is advisable to remove as much of the fluid as possible with the cloth. Do not rub the liquid into the seat as this can also damage the material. Instead just gently blot the area.

Do I need to assemble the product by myself?

Most of our products come fully assembled. Those which don’t will be delivered with all the tools needed for a successful and simple assembly.

What materials are used in the making of the lamps?

Most of the lamps from our currently available collections are made of aluminium with high quality copper wiring. The plastic products are made from eco-friendly polypropylene.

Delivery Service

What is the delivery time for my order?

While there are numerous factors which might have an impact on the exact time of delivery, usually it takes no more than two weeks after your order has been scheduled for shipping.

Can I choose the delivery time?

Yes. If you want to surprise your friend, family member or your loved one with magnificent designs, we can always arrange the delivery time to your preference. Simply contact our customer service team and notify them of the desired delivery time.

Prices, Return & Guarantee

Do chairs come with a guarantee?

Guarantees of up to 20 years are available for all our products and you can choose the specific type during the purchasing process.

My product was delivered damaged. What should I do?

If your product is delivered damaged or is faulty in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team and ask for a refund. Alternatively, we can offer to send you another design of the same price with free shipping included.

How do I return the product?

If you wish to return your order, please contact our customer service. To be eligible for a return, the product must be unused, in the same condition that customer received it, and in the original packaging. Once the return is received and inspected, the customer will be notified about the current status of the return and of the approval or rejection of the refund.