There are numerous factors that might have an impact on the exact time of your delivery. However, if you want more accurate information than the rough estimate we provide here, feel free to contact us directly via e-mail or our LiveChat app. In case, you already ordered, you can check the status of your order completely free through the Track my Order page on our website.


Our Delivery Process

  • Place your order

    Day 1
  • Your order reaches our logistics team

    Day 2 - 3
  • Your order is forwarded to our Warehouse Manager

    Week 3 - 8
  • Our experts check the quality and condition of your desired design

    Week 8 - 9
  • A second quality control takes place

    Week 10 - 16
  • Your design is sent out

    Week 10 - 16
  • Your new design is delivered straight to your doorstep