About Us

Innovative design is more than just furniture, it’s about influencing tastes, improving homes, revolutionizing culture, and changing lives for the better.

We began an extraordinary journey of changing the furniture landscape by delivering state of the art designer furniture inspired by the timeless classics of Scandinavian design to the masses. During the journey we’ve only gotten better; better designs, better materials and better people.

Our Mission

By focusing on the production and distribution of state of the art designs built on the legacy of the timeless classic of the golden age of Scandinavian design, we aim to preserve this legacy while providing the new generation of Scandinavian designers with the opportunity to make their dreams reality.

By relying on cutting-edge production techniques and fusion of tradition and innovation, we strive to provide a unique blend of classic and modern, new and familiar, while keeping the production costs at the minimum, thus contributing to the further democratization of the market – because style should be available to all.

Why the name ‘‘Bespoek’’?

‘‘To speak is to express.’’ We express through art and design.

We seek to find a balance between adhering to precise method and the freedom to express artistically - connecting objects and people into fresh and comfortable space.

This is what designing is all about.