Trendy Home Inspo for Everyday Living

There are as many decor styles as there are homes but there is one classic that keeps remaining on the top of the list of décor options throughout the world - Scandinavian style.
It never seizes to lose its attractiveness despite the years it has been around. The world has the Scandinavian style to thank for, for warm minimalism, natural elements, balanced design and more.
After all, the Nordic countries are famous for the most affordable as well as the most stylish furniture from Ikea to Poul Henningsen and Hans Wegner. Whether you are into the one or the other, it is possible to mix and match designs from both ends of the spectrum to reach the everyday balanced life as emphasised by Scandinavians.
This time, we will place our emphasis on the kitchen and the home office.

Kitchens That Love Contradictions

Let’s take a look at the Nordic kitchen, usually full of light, wooden surfaces and natural elements that do not take much space from the much-needed countertop. Thus, to acquire such a kitchen can be easier than imagined.

Bespoek chairs kitchen

Vintage combined with modern wooden pieces are a must-have. If you have inherited pieces of furniture from your grandparents, they can easily be refurbished and enjoyed for the years to come.
In addition to old furniture, it is good to add something contradictory. Think of designer chairs around the kitchen table. These should be the opposite from the massive antique furniture pieces, sleek and clean to provide just enough contrast.
The seating solution, first of all, must be comfortable but from a design point of view, it also needs to be easy on the eye.
All this is well suited to Danish kitchens designed above all else for everyday living.

How Can I Increase Productivity in My Home Office?

Are you working from home full-time or only a few times a week?
No matter the duration, according to the Huffington Post and others, trendy home offices can increase the productivity of anyone. And let’s be honest, who would not like a stylish home office regardless of the benefits?

In small spaces, it is good to consider the angles of the room. Be discouraged to place your office table in the corner. Instead, think of angling your desk diagonally. Whereas, the décor is important, even more so is decluttering. Do not stuff your table with unnecessary stuff that will only distract you from the number one.
These are our favourite tips for achieving that minimalist Scandinavian décor. Go give them a try!

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