BESPOEK - Our Journey to Scandinavian Design

In 2017, we began a journey of creating new, innovatively stylish, and quality furniture. With the newest revolutionary designs, we have begun to change the way we view furniture. The future of Scandinavian design is here at our fingertips.

In 2016, we were just a group of young and talented Scandinavian designers from Central Saint Martins in London. We travelled through Europe and other parts of the world.

After visiting different places and experiencing culture and artistry from all over the world, we decided to create Bespoek.

 While witnessing the global influence that mid-century Scandinavian designer furniture has had on the world, and it still does, we saw an opportunity to contribute to its legacy and add to the already indelible mark that it has made. 

Through Bespoek we have sought to improve on the legacy of artistic greats like Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Paul Henningson and others.

A company made for the 21st century with young, dynamic, and talented designers, Bespoek speaks to the spirit of the age: new, sleek, vogue and functional.

The Reason Why We Were Created

We were established to make new, quality designs accessible to all. Why shouldn’t everyone be able to have access to beautiful furniture?

The notion that exquisite designs ought to be limited to the enormously wealthy is something that we reject here at BeSpoek. With this in mind, we have placed our products and designs out to speak for themselves.

At BeSpoek, we try to reinvent and rethink some of those legendary Scandinavian designer pieces which have been able to stand the test of time.

We spend a great deal of time seeking inspiration from the natural scenes of nature to the more modern skyscrapers the world over.

We do not only focus on gaining inspiration from Scandinavian sources but also attempt to fuse cultures from all over the world and integrate them into our designs.

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