The New Generation of Scandinavian Designers

Standing on the shoulders of giants, the new generation of Scandinavian designers brings innovation and tradition together, staying true to the core design philosophies of the golden age of Scandinavian design while creating classic furniture for the 21st century.

Fusing together cutting-edge technology and tradition of Scandinavian craftsmanship, the contemporary designers stay true to the simple elegance and functionality, while further reducing the costs of their designs by using new materials and production techniques, thus contributing to the further democratization of the market, just like the legends of mid-century design did in their time.

But, not only do these young designers rely on the legacy of the giants of Scandinavian design such as Wegner, Jacobsen or Aalto – Nordic countries received worldwide recognition for some of the best design schools in the world.

Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Norway, Finland’s Aalto University, Konstfack University in Sweden and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts all take pride in their students who went on to explore the core ideas of their predecessors, while demonstrating an unprecedented sense for finesse and experimentation.

And with the ever-growing interest in their work, many of these young artists can look forward to successful careers, not that different from the legends on whose legacy their work is based.

With the continuing innovation which nevertheless remains grounded in the familiar foundations of Scandinavian design philosophy, the new generation of designers contributes to the lasting impact of this decades-old design movement on the way we understand furniture and design and their role in our everyday life.

From countless homes across the world, to numerous restaurants, hotels, airports and public spaces, the spirit of Scandinavia once again found its way to the whole world, while the iconic mid-century designs continue to live, both through still active companies that originally produced them and through the work of a young generation of Scandinavian designers who gave these classic a contemporary twist, accommodating them to the needs of our fast-paced and ever-changing society.

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