Minimalist Danish Design with a Maximum Impact

Minimalism has been connected to Scandinavian design for decades now. Small houses called for décor that utilises the space as well as possible and makes it as spacious as it could be. In addition, cold temperatures kept people indoors most of the time and this required comfortable designs that utilised natural light.

Nowadays, the cold, and in some cases, similar small housing still applies together with the minimalist living. However, it has evolved and it is very different to what it used to be in the past.

Whereas, whites and light pinewood surfaces created the main fuss during the past decades, in 2018 it is all about warmer, almost Bohemian neutrals and greens that can derive from plants that will bring the summer back into any home during winter.

Bringing Back the Sexy Green

The trend nowadays is to think green. This goes all the way from the Paris Climate Agreement to Danish home design. When the days are getting shorter and nights longer, it is time to bring back some summer into people’s homes.

Some greenery is a must when considering minimalist living and it gives the room a little bit of colour to brighten up the days.

It is not about the roses anymore, rather, think of dark green plants in all sizes from cactuses to aloe vera and huge palm tree-like plants.

These greens can easily occupy your living room as well as private spaces like the bathroom and bedroom. According to your own preference, you can place a few small green cactuses on the side of the window or to create a full wall of green plants, both are just great!

There are many options for plants available depending on your lifestyle. For a busy traveller who does not have time to water plants frequently, there are more and more options to pick an artificial one which can look surprisingly real.

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