Designer Furniture with a Dash of DIY

Want to spice up your evenings this spring with something other than a pumpkin spice latte?

One great way to brighten things up is to give your home a new look. The combination of some Danish design together with some rustic DIY “Do It Yourself” is the perfect way to gaining that desired look.

In addition, some DIY will guarantee you a greater satisfaction as opposed to just walking into a store and purchasing all your furniture. 

Add Some Contemporary Design to Your Kitchen

Consider the farmhouse style with a modern twist and a combination of different natural elements and textures like wood in various styles, as well as leather and even cashmere.

There are two key ingredients in achieving this style.

Firstly, it is a prerequisite that the wood components on your vintage elements look older than they actually are in order to create the impression that they have survived for an extensive period of time. Making the wood look older is rather easy and can definitely be achieved by anyone.

The refurbishing of the wood usually happens by utilising different types of paint together with sandpaper. Even burning parts of the wood is an option, and of course one should prefer certain pieces of wood that otherwise would be considered unusable.

You can easily give your outdated dining room table that rustic look by adding a layer of retouched wood on top of it, how simple is that!? If you live in a smaller condo you can refurbish your coffee table instead. Furthermore, the ratio of vintage and modern furniture needs to be in balance. One should make sure that the space that is under a makeover has a nice combination of features, and that the layout of the object is thoroughly thought through. The full makeover is achieved by adding a few pieces of modern designer chairs like the wishbone chairs and a glass vase of fresh flowers... and why not, some scented candles. Then your dining room is ready to be enjoyed all year long!

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